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Free stuff.

 In fact, really useful, exceptionally good free stuff.

Here's What You Get for Free!

The Handicapper's Basic Survival Guide

This was a four-part series originally published in weekly installments on Handicapping.com in the late 1990's. It was designed as a collection of traditional handicapping ideas to help less experienced players sharpen their awareness of handicapping factors which they might not pay attention to regularly, and to act as a review for more experienced players.

As I was revising the website in 2009, I reviewed the original series and it occurred to me that most of the information was still applicable, and probably  would be in years to come. So I decided to revise it, reformat it as one complete, easy-to-read reference work, and give it away free to players as the star attraction of the Handicapping.com Winners Club! Topics covered include condition and form, distance, class, footing, and biases. (PDF format)


A great collection of a dozen articles on horse racing, originally offered on MethodsAndSystems.com featuring some great practical ideas to sharpen your game, and a few features just for fun and the love of the sport!

The articles span U.S. and International racing and are highly informative and entertaining. Since there are some pretty big differences in racing and wagering around the world, be sure to read them all for ideas you like so that you can add them to your preferred style of play. You'll also enjoy the more casual racing reading in this collection.

AND...as a special thank-you bonus, this edition contains TWO  FREE SYSTEMS based on current form, complete with betting plans!  One is for use anywhere in the world and the other is designed for players in the UK.


  • A Look at Touts
  • Cash Management for Handicappers
  • Making the Most of Horse Racing Blogs
  • Remembering Barbaro
  • Tote Board Analysis - Follow the Stable
  • Hobnobbing with the Swells
  • and 6 other great features

Free Pocket-Sized Exotic Wagering Booklet

This is SO cool! This is a one-page PDF file containing:

  * Exacta Boxes + Wheels for up to 12 horses, $1-$10 units
  * Trifecta Boxes + Wheels for up to 12 horses, $1-$10 units
  * Most popular low-priced Trifecta Part-Wheels
  * Simple Superfecta Boxes, 10 cent to $3 units
  * Superfecta Wheels ("1 horse with...") up to 12 horses, 10 cent to $2 units
  * Popular  low-priced 10-cent Superfecta combinations

Print it, fold it, and fold it again, and it fits in your pocket, ready for easy use at the track or simulcast. If it gets dog-eared or stained, just pitch it and print another one--whenever you like! Easy to read--about the size of a standard greeting card.


Free Copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

“Everything your mind can conceive, you can achieve.” 

It's been called the greatest motivational/personal success book of its kind--one of the earliest books to teach what success is really all about. As a horseplayer, you can certainly relate to that!

In the 70 years since it was written, it has sold millions of copies. Hill spells out how to set goals and reach them, how to make clear plans for achieving what you want. Perhaps of greatest interest to handicappers, Hill says you should never consider temporary failure as permanent defeat...sound like a bad day at the races?

The writing style belongs to another day and age. Hill would probably be called politically incorrect today. But his passion and message are consistent, and modern reviewers  continue to repeat what many others have said: that Think and Grow Rich is comprehensive, authoritative, innovative, compelling, and still very relevant today.

    (235 page E-Book, PDF format)

The No-Bull Story

Everybody wants your e-mail address to send you pitches for this and offers for that, in the hope that sooner or later you'll buy something, right? It's a fact of life on the Internet. I've been down this road before myself, and I've learned a couple of things.

I've learned that if you get an e-mail (or even regular mail) about your hobby or passion occasionally, rather than every week or so, you'll probably take a look at it. And I've learned that I'm comfortable with giving my email address to someone who gives me something of real value in return. So I'm putting these concepts into action here, and you come out the winner!

The Deal, Short and Sweet:

You give me your email address by signing up to become a free member of the Winners Club..

I give you all this neat stuff, free, immediately, in return.

I promise never to sell, trade, or give your name and address to anyone else. I will send you maybe four to six emails spread out during a year which will contain:

  • Notices when new features are added to Handicapping.com
  • Notices of any new items available in the bookstore
  • Unadvertised time-limited discounts on bookstore and logo shop items which will available only to Winners Club Members

  • No-nag special offers from other websites or firms who partner with Handicapping.com Note: such offers will come from ME - your name and email address will NOT be given or sold to anyone!

  • Reminders before the biggest U.S. races (Triple Crown, Breeders' Cup, etc) to notify you when Handicapping.com's pages of free analysis, free handicaps, and free picks are ready for you to use. In one easy-to-use place, you have access to the handicapping of all major national handicappers and turf writers for the big races.

By the way, I also promise never to sell, trade, or give your name and address to anyone else.

That's the deal, plain and simple.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Thought you'd never ask.

Before you become a member of the Winners Club, did I mention that I also promise never to sell, trade, or give your name and address to anyone else?

Obviously, I'm making a big deal out of this--because this is a really big concern of people, myself included, and I want you be assured that your personal information will not get blasted out all over the Internet as a result of your signing up.

All you need to do is to click on the appropriate link below, which will take you to a secure sign-up page.

After you sign up and hit the submit button, you'll be sent an email confirming that you have successfully joined the Handicapping.com Winners Club. That same email will contain three links for downloads. Each is a PDF file for each one of the three free bonuses you receive as a welcome to the club.

If you're not familiar with PDF files, the email you receive will contain information, including a link to download the latest version of Adobe software (also 100% free) that will allow you to open, read, and print the files.

If you have any problems signing up or receiving the PDF files, please use the Contact Us link on the Handicapping.com home page to let me know, and I'll get back to you personally as soon as I can to help.

Thanks for your time and attention. I look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Winners Club.

George Kaywood

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