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        The Earnings Record: Flawed Logic and Fuzzy Math Bill Finley
        When the Racing Gods Talk to You, Listen! Bob Ehalt
        Handicapping by Name of  Horse Vic Ziegel
        The Loser Steve Bortstein
        Secrets of Winning Handicapping Tournaments Ed McNamara
        Handicapping Tournaments: Not Just for the Wise Guys Jeremy Plonk
        Worth Reading: Anatomy of a $48.80 Winner Randy Moss
        A Look at Touts George Kaywood
        Choosing Where to Focus Charles Carroll
        Women Handicappers: Being Ignored by Racing? Dan Farley
        Don't Get Beat by the Bias George Kaywood
        6 furlongs in 1:06.53 - This is NOT a Typo Dean Arnold
        New Handicapping Nuance? "Claim-proof Horses" Jack Shinar
        Formulating the Breeders Cup Jeremy Plonk
        Whatever Happened to Randolph Reynolds? George Kaywood
        Sires, Pedigree, and Numbers Dan Liebman
        The Monarchos Lesson George Kaywood
        My Secret: I Bet Harness, Too! Dick Powell
        Do January Foals Really Have an Advantage? Tim Holland
        Small Track Profits George Kaywood
        The Ragozin Sheets: Not What They're Cracked Up to Be Ray Paulick
        Quarter Horse Futurity Trials Charles Carroll
        Derby Rules Made to Be Broken Ray Paulick
        So You Want to Be a Horseplayer? John Morgan