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        Racing's Stupid Policy on Wearing Ads Bill Finley
        What Racing Really Needs Claire Novak
        Broad Cast Dan Liebman
        The Steroid Fallacy and the Dream Racing Calendar Jeremy Plonk
        Colonial Downs: A Racing Success Story Bill Finley
        When the Odds Change After the Race Has Started - Part 1 George Kaywood
        When the Odds Change After the Race Has Started - Part 2 George Kaywood
        No More than 2-3 Tracks Should be Simulcast on Any Day Jeremy Plonk
        How Can Racing Recover? Rab Hagin
        "Saving" the Sport with Slots? Randy Moss
        Obama Win Provides Great Lesson for Racing Richard Eng
        Slots + Lower Takeout = Racing's Revival Bill Finley
        To Promote Horseracing: Follow the Money Charles Carroll
        Once Again, the Customer Should Come First Bill Finley
        Is It Nostalgia or Is It the Future? George Kaywood
        When "Bigness" Stinks Jeremy Plonk
        Handicapping Gains Some Respect from Wall Street Michael Kitchen
        The Decline of the Sport Morton Cathro
        Ways to Make Racing Better Richard Eng
        Racing Doesn't Need a Superstar Richard Eng
        How Can We Revive the Sport of Kings? Travis Stone
        Rebates Good for Racing Bill Finley
        The Joy of Live Racing (and Wagering) Alex Waldrop
        Playing On-Track? You're in the Minority Dan Liebman
        Is It Time to Trash the Pari-Mutuel System? T.D. Thornton
        Give Casual Bettors a Break Richard Eng
        But What About Dog Food? George Kaywood