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        What Kind of Bettor Are You? Excerpt from A Bettor Way
        Handicapping Resolutions Joe Kristufek
        It Pays to Follow International Racing Dick Powell
        Computers, Systems, and Ants David Schwartz

        The Two Ways to Win at the Track

Dick Mitchell

        How Much Handicapping Info is Enough?

Gordon Pine

        How Much Handicapping Info is Too Much?

Dick Powell
        The Power of Positive Handicapping George Kaywood
        Monster Horses Charles Carroll

        The 10 Commandments of Handicapping

Dick Mitchell

        How to Find Winning Handicapping Factors

Gordon Pine

        "Expert" Handicapping Advice

Gordon Pine

        One of the Best Kept Secrets in Handicapping

Dick Mitchell
        Information Overload: How NOT to be Overwhelmed George Kaywood

        Losing to Winning: The Great Leap

David Schwartz

        Handicapping with Race "Filters"

Gordon Pine

        The Good Ole Days

Steve Fierro

        Natural  Selections

Gordon Pine
        Miracles (Watch out for "Match-Ups") Lenny Shulman
        Common Sense Review: Why Horses Win Races Steve Zacks
        Workouts: The Last Frontier of Hidden Value? Steve Zacks
        The Art of Switching Leads Alex Brown
        Watch That Watering Truck! Dick Powell
        The Easiest Way to Separate Your Real Contenders George Kaywood
        Handicapping: The Problem with Small Samples Dick Powell
        Tips on Handicapping Australian Races Dick Powell
        When Do You Stop Handicapping? George Kaywood
        How Do You Bet? Dick Powell