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        Handicapping Expectations vs. Reality Craig Milkowski
        Attacking Pick 3s and Pick4s Joe Kristufek
        Field Size Matters Dean Arnold
        Finding Your Edge Charles Carroll
        The Turf Investor Joe Cotolo

        Some Thoughts on the Pick Three

Dick Mitchell
        Minimize Losses: Deactivate Action Bets Charles Carroll
        What Kind of Bettor Are You? Excerpt from A Bettor Way

        Breeders' Cup Exotic Wagering Study

Richard Nilsen

        It's the Takeout, Stupid!

Gordon Pine
        When (Really) to Bet Win Steve Bortstein

        Common Handicapping Blunders

Dick Mitchell
        Banking on $100 a Day Charles Carroll
        The Worst is the Best George Kaywood

        The Group Overlay Method

Dick Mitchell

         Making Odds Part 1: Random Odds

Charles Carroll

         Making Odds Part 2: Fair Odds and Overlays

Charles Carroll

         Making Odds Part 3: Overlays

Charles Carroll
        Making Odds Part 4: Three-Lobed Set Theory
        (Not) A Mickey Mouse Approach To Odds-Making
Charles Carroll

        Due Column Lunacy

Dick Mitchell

        Variable Percentage Betting

Gordon Pine

        Off-Center and the Losing Game

David Schwartz

        Handicapping Using Race Typing

Steve Fierro

        When is a Winner Not a Winner?

Steve Fierro

        Betting Artistry

James Quinn

        Betting Lines and Business 101

Steve Fierro

        How Much Can You Win in a Year?

James Quinn

        Underlay Tracks

Gordon Pine
        Learning to Bet with the Dolphins Charles Carroll
        Soft Spots Gordon Pine
        Know Thy Favorites:Filters for Favorites Steve Fierro

        Betting Against Odds-On Favorites

Gordon Pine

        Attainable Goals

James Quinn
        When Is an Underlay NOT an Underlay? Steve Zacks
        Betting the Favorite in Tris and Supers Jerry Towsend
        How Do You Bet? Dick Powell

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