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        At the Starting Gate Dean Arnold
        The Wind Factor Dick Powell
        Back to Basics: From Speed to Trainers James Quinn
        Finding a True Track Bias Steve Zacks
        Using Pace to Handicap Turf Races George Kaywood
        Tips From An Amazing Pro Handicapper Larry Palmer
        Big Data, Little Data, and the Fairs Charles Carroll
        The Sophomore Season (3 year-olds) Joe Kristufek
        The Absence of Common Sense at the Racetrack George Kaywood
        Nobody Respects Class Anymore Dean Arnold
        When Figures Alone Are Worthless from ATM's Ray Talbout Archives
        The Right Path to the Winner's Circle Joe Kristufek
        Context-Based Handicapping Dean Arnold
        A Different Way to Handle Class Drops George Kaywood
        A Bias Opinion on Track Surfaces Joe Kristufek

        The Fundamentals of Handicapping

Dick Mitchell

        Simple Handicapping Techniques

James Quinn
        A Lesson from the Lunatic School of Handicapping George Kaywood

        Fillies vs. Colts

James Quinn

        Simple Steps for Starter Races

James Quinn
        Handicapping Races for 2 Year-olds - Pt 1 George Kaywood
        Handicapping Races for 2 Year-olds - Pt 2 George Kaywood

        Anatomy of a Longshot

Michael Kipness ("The Wizard")

        Handicapping Nonwinners Allowances

James Quinn

        Understanding Stakes Races

James Quinn
        Race Shapes: Who Can Run Second? George Kaywood

        Track, Surface, and Distance Adjustments

Gordon Pine

        Basic Turf Handicapping

James Quinn
        Winning Without Thinking William Ziemba

        Betting Against Odds-On Favorites

Gordon Pine
        Rating Jockeys George Kaywood
        Common Handicapping Situations That Repeat Paul Volponi
        Class Moves and Suspicious Odds Patterns from ATM's Ray Talbout Archives