The Cronley Chronicles

Jay Cronley, columnist for the Tulsa World, is a talented writer with a number of novels that have been made into feature films. He' s also a regular contributor to ESPN.com and featured commentator on Handicapping.com, looking at horse racing, betting, and the often crazy world of the track. Here are some of his best racing columns.         (Photo Copyright ESPN.com)

What Makes a Winner? What the Stock Market and Horse Wagering Have in Common
The Psychology of Betting on Horses Can Booze Improve Your Handicapping?
How to Nail Those Longshots Winning Players and Dumb Players
Why Handicapping Books Don't Work How Much Do the Odds Affect Your Handicapping?
How to Use Tainted Public Picks Managing What's Left of Your Money
Systematically Favored Outcomes A Horseplayer's Best Race
Boxers and Throw-outs Bad Betting Habits to Break
It Takes Money to Get Lucky When Horses Break Through the Starting Gate
The Obstacles to Picking a Winner The Dirt on Artificial Surfaces
Surviving a Slump Tipping the Scales
Bettors: How Do You Quit Ahead? Cheap Speed and Cold Weather
Value Shopping and Place Bets Creativity, Systems, and Handicapping
Time for a BIG Win Ticket The Numbers Game
The Sport of Queens The Racetrack: Where You Can Trust the Money Numbers
Small-time Racing, Big-time Stories Questions of Value
Horse Fan, Here's to You Another Reason to Love Small Tracks
The Horseplayer's 'Taxing' Situation You Love It and You Know It
The Committee to Promote Horse Racing Listening to the Losers
Artificial Star Power Racing Q & A with Jay
TV's Favorite Victim: Horseplayers  Keeping the Tradition Alive
Resolve to Get Lucky The Future of Horse Racing?
Date Night at the Races Joy at the Wire
Why Are Horseplayers Treated Like Second-Class Gamblers? Merry Us
A Piece of the (TV) Action A History Book You'll Want to Read
In Search of the Stewards Racing's Fancy Season
How's Your Handicapping? Is the Fix In?
Gone But Not Forgotten $ Spiking the Oats & Other Cheating
Eliminating Losers Cheaters and Fixers
Graveyard of Handicappers The Moral Side of Shaking Money out of Losers
The Loan Wolf I Won, Nobody Cares
Have the Jockeys Done Their Homework? Why You Can't Win 2 Days in a Row
C'mon, Let's Do a Racing Road Trip! 'Tell' Me About It
The Horse Player's Resolution Should You Doubt the Tout?
Bookies and Betting The Race Track Regulars
Dear Pete (Rose, that is...) Name It and Claim It
 The Horseplayer's Quiz What's Great About Racing
Common Sense or Nonsense? The Luck and Superstition of Handicapping
Surviving a Slump The Psychology of Horse Racing
Betting with the Ghosts Playing with Other People's Money
What's Wrong with a Friendly Wager? Giving Others a Run for Their Money
Quarter for Your Thoughts Racing in...Georgia?
Random Racing Notes Tournaments: True Test of Skill?
When Being Right is Oh So Wrong Lots to Like about Slots, Pt 2
On the Other Side of the Betting Window Picking the Big Time-A Whole New Game
Horse Racing Through the Ages  
Barbaro's Death Transcends Sports The Sure-Win Way to Play the Derby
Take Nothing for Granted Derby Questions and Answers 1
Katrina Shows What it Really Means to Lose Derby Questions and Answers 2
The Payoff From Nowhere Why Picking Derby Winners is Easy
  21 Reasons Why Picking The Derby Winner Is So Hard
  Derby Roundtable Featuring the Worst Handicappers Ever
  Kentucky Derby Warnings
  Derby Watch: How to Speak Southern
My Derby Day: When Winning is Still Losing
The Best & Worst of Derby TV
  My Preakness Day
  The Greatest Wagering Event of the Year
  Everything You Need to Know about the Breeders' Cup