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Revised 2012
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From: George Kaywood
RE:      A Handicapping Breakthrough-
Revised in 2012 and now in special e-Book format!

Dear Racing Friend:

I know what you want! As a handicapper, you want:

  • An easy-to-use, quick way to spot the real contenders in thoroughbred races

  • A way that also lets you emphasize your favorite angles

  • A simple, non-technical way to decide when, how much to bet, and how to bet

My Personal Method is the answer. To properly use this method, you should be at least somewhat familiar with horse race handicapping. Let me tell you--if you're a casual player or a "Weekend Warrior," you can easily strengthen how you play with My Personal Method!

Now, before I tell you a secret, I've got to tell you that My Personal Method is not a system that generates automatic picks. If you're looking for an old-fashioned system of stiff, no-brainer rules promising unbelievable longshots race after race, stop reading now! My Personal Method is not for you.

Do You Know the Secret of Beating the Races?

The secret is: there is no secret! Successful handicapping is a combination of many factors and the experience to know which one to use and which ones to ignore in different races. One of the biggest problems facing handicappers today is an overload of racing information. My Personal Method shows you how to sort it out.

"Don't I Know Your Name?"

Could be! I've written numerous articles for American Turf Monthly, the Phillips Racing Newsletter, and other publications. I've been quoted in classic handicapping books by authors like James Quinn and Dick Mitchell. I've been a presenter at Handicapping Expo and I'm the author of Handicapping in Cyberspace: The Horseplayer's Complete Guide to the Internet. I also own and operate www.handicapping.com, the #1 ranked website on the Internet for handicapping.

I wrote  the first edition of My Personal Method in 1996, and it quickly became a best-seller! Now, I've updated the Method to reflect the racing realities of today. I've also expanded the work to make it easier to use with examples of races that are easy, typical, and hard ones to handicap!  It's as if I'm your personal teacher, standing beside you and walking you through how to use the Method, step by step!

You Benefit From One Amazing Discovery After Another

Like many great discoveries, the one that led to My Personal Method was somewhat unexpected. While I was doing some racing research, I realized that the order in which you use the basic factors to handicap--speed, class, current form, and so on--is much more important than most players think. The sequence in which you look at different factors and can the difference between winning and losing a bet!

I also re-discovered a great racing truth that is literally hidden in plain sight and how to use it to your advantage. It's a factor that most contemporary handicapping literature recognizes, but fails to use as an integral part of handicapping! Your game will grow much stronger once you re-discover it as well!  

In  revising and upgrading the Method this year, I also discovered something else I wasn't expecting--one of the easiest and most powerful spot plays I've ever seen! My wife asked a "what if...?" question. Researching the answer for her led to this unique spot play. It's easy to understand and use.

No Computer Needed!

One of the most exciting things about My Personal Method is that you do not need a computer to use it! If you do use a computer to download past performances, speed figures, pace numbers, or other racing information from an online source, you can, of course, incorporate the information into the Method with ease. If you usually use the Daily Racing Form  or track program Equibase  past performances, you can use either with My Personal Method quickly and easily!

Think of the Time and Energy You'll Save

The handicapper's biggest enemy is time. Good handicapping takes time. Great handicapping takes more time. You've been there before, haven't you? If you're under pressure or stress, "handicapper's fatigue" causes you to make small but deadly mistakes. My Personal Method is thorough yet simple enough to save you time and actually provides a stress-free framework in which you handicap comfortably. No more fatigue to cause those avoidable errors!


Extremely Easy to Use

Most successful methods today are either too complex or too time-consuming to be used on a regular basis. Not so with My Personal Method. The Method has only 9 steps--and that includes wagering guidelines and money management! You don't need a calculator or a computer, nor do you need to figure out any difficult ratings for each horse.

It Becomes YOUR Personal Method

My Personal Method does require some subjective decision-making on your part. That's what handicapping is all about. The Method lets you use the strengths you may have already developed through your preferred style of handicapping to make selections with an extra level of assurance and comfort!

Super for Simulcasts

 If you play  primarily at an OTB or simulcast center, you'll love My Personal Method. It enables you to play more than one track by quickly and easily weeding out weaker races and ones that have poor potential for profit. You'll be playing like a pro by selecting those races which offer good racing and good wagering.

Learn How to Make Smarter Decisions

My Personal Method combines handicapping and money management to help you make the decision on when to bet a low-odds favorite. Hey, they win one of every three races! But when are they good bets? Now you can learn how to determine what "value" really means on your own terms.

You'll also learn when to play a legitimate longshot, a high-odds horse that is truly better than his odds warrant. My Personal Method takes into account the racing reality that every player wants and needs to take a reasoned stab at a good score every now and then.

Do You Struggle with Money Management?

My Personal Method shows you how to determine what "value" wagering means to you, personally. Once you know this, it's easy to add tote board information into your handicapping process and make intelligent wagers. It's not complicated, and doesn't require a big bankroll or a "head for numbers."

Your First Peek Inside

I want to give you a little free sample of what's inside the Method. Determining a horse's current form is one of the toughest challenges a horseplayer faces. Are there any easy ways to do this? There sure are, and I explain the fastest and easiest ways to figure it out.

For example, you're given a great clue when a horse is making his second or third start after a layoff. I love to see an even race or two after a layoff, or one in which the horse flashed early speed either  by setting the pace to just the first call, or sort of staying near the leader by between 1-3 lengths early without being asked to run particularly fast.  These are great tune-up races - these horses often go off and score at generous odds next time they run, in that second or third race after a layoff . 

When you combine this information with the other highly specific notes in this step of the Method, you'll have a much better understanding of current form than those players who base their bets only on the last race of any given horse.

Useful and Profitable

My Personal Method was created from a need to make the absolute best use of limited time for handicapping - something that casual players and "weekend warriors" especially face today.  Look at what you gain from using the Method:

  • More time to relax - Spot contenders faster than you would have ever thought possible

  • No more Handicapper's Fatigue - A way to handicap that keeps you fresh and able to work better and smarter

  • Saves you money - Steers you away from bad races and bad bets 

  • Builds confidence - Strengthens your understanding of all types of race situations

  • Easy to learn - 9 easy steps based on proven concepts in a simple, straightforward approach

  • Easy money management - when to bet and when to pass made extra easy

  • Learning from real-life examples with full explanation and commentary!

Get Into a Winning State of Mind

Increasing the number of times you walk to the mutuel windows to cash winning tickets is the most direct (and enjoyable) way to build confidence in your ability as a handicapper. The admiration--or even envy--of your fellow players adds to it. And as a friend of mine likes to say, "No matter what you look like or what your station in life is, there's nothing sexier than a successful gambler!"

All contribute to a winning state of mind, and My Personal Method will help you build it at a pace that's comfortable for you.

*You* May Already Be As Good As a Pro

Truth is, many players are as good as the so-called professionals, but they get tripped up by just a couple of simple errors that have been around as long as racing has been around.

Add in the ever-increasing amount of information available, and it's easy to see how some players are overwhelmed, sometimes forgetting the handicapping and betting truths that make the difference between winning and losing.

An easy-to-follow set of guidelines can make sure you're not overlooking important basic and working smart. Now, you can own this one-of-a-kind handicapping aid to help you play smarter, and save time, energy, and money!

Reasonably Priced and Guaranteed!

    A racing method that comes with a guarantee? A 100% money-back guarantee?
Why not? If it's any good at all, it should be guaranteed! Try My Personal Method risk-free for 30 days. If you feel it does not improve your handicapping, I'll give you your money back in full, a no-hassle refund. No dumb "workouts" to make sure you're using it "correctly." No double-talk. Just great value for the price.

A Few Words about the 2012 Update

Why an update now? Because I was curious. You see, I have received--and continue to receive-- phone calls and emails from players who bought their copies of My Personal Method around the year 2000 who are contacting me to say "Thank You," because they have been using the Method since way back then and are still using it today. That is very humbling indeed. And it's a tremendous testimonial that it is what it claims to be - the perfect method for the weekend or occasional player. I included a study in the original edition to show the effectiveness of the Method, and then added another study in 2006-2007. That study performed as well as the original.

In 2011, I decided to run another study. What with the various track surface changes that have come and gone, I wanted to make sure that My Personal Method was still holding up. BINGO! The results were still as strong as the first two, over all these years! To say I', pleased is an understatement.

Special Note to Current Owners of My Personal Method: Please don't order this update! I know this may sound crazy, but outside of the 2011 study, there's nothing in it that's been changed, so there's no need for you to spend money on what you already have. Just keep using it and tell your friends about it.

Save Money with the Exciting New E-Book Edition!

I discovered a new way to create an e-book that is far superior to earlier editions - and you can get it at the NEW everyday low price that is lower than it's ever been before! That's right - a permanent price reduction for a better product! How can I do this? The answer is simple: thanks to the new software I found, the creation and production of an e-Book is easier than ever, saving time and money. And since you download the e-Book, there are no shipping costs. So I'm passing the savings on to you for making it easy on me!

And wait till you see and use this new e-Book edition! This is not just another PDF. This is a complete program that opens the book inside a "mini-browser" that offers extra-easy navigation and clarity on screen that most PDF readers can't match. It's not loaded up with junk you'll never use--just easy, intuitive simple buttons and links to make it easy to go wherever you want to go.

Please note that the My Personal Method e-Book version cannot be printed, and will be locked for use only on the computer you install it on.


"How Can You Make Such an Offer?"

Remember, this is the new, updated, version of what I offered for the first time about ten years ago. Now here's a shocking, almost hard to believe fact that answers this question easily: of all the copies of My Personal Method that I personally sent out to customers, in over ten years, the refund request rate was (and still is) less than 1% !

This may be hard to believe, but it's absolutely true, and that's why I can make such a dramatic no-nonsense refund offer. The revised version comes with new research showing how the Method continues to hold up, year after year, and a special spot play that was pretty much discovered at random during the work for this new edition! I have total confidence that you'll be completely satisfied with the new edition of My Personal Method.


Now, How About Your Second Peek Inside?

If this was a bookstore instead of the Internet, you could pick up a copy of my book and browse through it to see if it looked good to you. Well, why not here? Hey, this is the Internet, and we can do that! I've put together a great free excerpt from my book  that you can download and keep! And this isn't just a few pages that's all sales pitch--it's a collection of pointers from the early part of the book that are not only designed to get you thinking, but to  immediately start sharpening you approach to the races! You can have it right now. It's a zip file of a unique "mini-browser" formatted E-book that is very easy to use.

Click Here to Download Your Free Excerpt 

And That's Not All - Look at these FREE Bonuses!

As I was wrapping up the final work for this revised edition, it occurred to me that it would be really great to have some extra-special goodies that would not just be fun to have, but bonuses that would be useful and valuable for use with My Personal Method.  Here's what included with  your purchase:

Free Bonus # 1 - The Exacta Chart

An 8 1/2 x 11" chart which you can print as a permanent reference  to help you quickly calculate your exacta wagers. Contains complete explanations of how to place your bet, and a complete listing of simple exacta boxes and wheels for up to twelve horses in unit bets from $1.00 to $10.00. Here's a selected sample of the exacta chart.


Free Bonus # 2 - The Quiniela Chart

An 8 1/2 x 11" chart which you can print as a permanent reference  to help you quickly calculate your quiniela wagers. Contains complete explanations of how to place your bet, and a complete listing of quiniela boxes and wheels for up to twelve horses in unit bets from $1.00 to $10.00. Here's a selected sample of the quiniela chart.


Free Bonus # 3 - The Trifecta Chart

Four pages of easy-to-understand explanations with examples of how to place your trifecta wagers. There's also  a detailed listing of simple trifecta boxes, wheels, key wheels, and a special $1 trifecta part-wheel chart with 90 possible wagers ranging from $3.00 to $60.00. This is a very helpful guide to planning your trifecta wagers in an extremely easy-to-follow format. Here's a sample:


Free Bonus # 4 - The Superfecta Chart

Four pages of easy-to-understand explanations with examples of how to place your superfecta wagers. There's also  a detailed listing of simple superfecta boxes, wheels, key wheels, and a special $1 trifecta part-wheel chart with 96 possible wagers. All superfecta charts contain pricing for 10-cent superfectas.  This is an incredibly helpful tool for planning superfecta wagers in an extremely easy-to-follow format. Here's a sample:


Bought separately, these bonuses are worth $30, but they're yours FREE with My Personal Method!

And that's still not all...

Free Bonus # 5 - The Exotic Wagering Calculator

The Exotic Wagering Calculator is a mini-program for your computer that lets you calculate your own exacta, trifecta, and superfecta wagers, if you'd rather use a program than a chart. It  ALSO lets you see how much it costs if you're thinking of playing the Pick-3...Pick-4...Pick-5, Pick-6, Pick-7, or Pick-8! And it's remarkably easy to use, as you can see from this screenshot:


Free Bonus # 6 - Free Dutching Program

This little computer program for Dutching is simply the best one available! HedgeHog is fast and easy to use. This is not a limited trial program! The screenshot says it all:

My Personal Method
runs on PCs using Windows operating systems. When you order, you'll be given a download link to access the entire package, which is a ready-to-run setup file that will unzip and install the files where you want them on your computer! It's very easy. Please note that My Personal Method was designed for use primarily at North American race tracks, as you will need past performances that include speed ratings and times. For your protection and mine, a unique registration key will also be emailed to you.

If you have any questions before or after you buy, you can reach me at:

Let My Personal Method put you on the winning track!

30 Day Unconditional
100% Money Back Guarantee!

You have 30 days to decide if

My Personal Method
can help you in your approach to the game.

Read it and use it for 30 days and if you don't think it's worth every cent you paid, simply let me know and you'll get an immediate 100% no-hassle refund.

NO tricks, NO fine print, NO conditions to this offer,
and NO, you don't have to keep betting records!

And even if you request a refund, all the free bonuses are yours to keep!

How can I make this offer?

Because great products should come with great guarantees.


The sooner you order My Personal Method, the sooner you'll be playing with more energy, more confidence, and a great money management system. It's one of the best handicapping investments you'll ever make!


George Kaywood

Get Your Copy Today!

YES, George!

I want to get your newly-revised book plus the
 six great free bonuses and start playing like a

I also understand that I have an unconditional 30-day satisfaction guarantee and that the bonuses are mine to keep, no matter what! 

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  • Exotic Wagering Calculator
  • Free Dutching Program

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