Kinky Handicapping
by Mark Cramer

The 1993 book that drew rave reviews from professional handicappers and everyday players alike is now available again!

Out of print for over 12 years now, RPM has acquired a limited quantity and at a bargain price!!

Why is Mark’s Kinky Handicapping so much in demand?

Very simply — Mark’s advice and angles contained in the book show you how to win, and how to win consistently and steadily at the racetrack.

The Reviews Say It All !

"It is difficult once you cash in on your first Cramer selection not to allow yourself to lust after after the next. I have seen him make cases for horses that were so bizarre they would make you wonder what game you have been playing all these years. But I rarely, if ever, would question them. In fact, I more often sensationalized upon them, collected my money, and thanked the fates that there was someone like him who would share with me some wonderful discoveries." - Frank Cotolo, author of Pony Player and Blog Contributor

Praise from Historic Handicappers 

"Cramer is a sly fox. He has taught handicapping for years; he knows that the appeal to the rational side of the mind has severe limitations." - Dick Mitchell, author of Commonsense Handicapping and other classic handicapping books

...and Today's Pro Players

"How do you find a profitable edge in this game where rival bettors are increasingly sophisticated and well-informed? Of all the people I know, none has pursued that answer as innovatively as Mark Cramer." - Andrew Beyer, Creator of Beyer Speed Figures

"Mark Cramer, the country’s most imaginative handicapping writer…a mad genius!! Cramer is one of the most entertaining and thought-provoking handicapping writers in the game….ever!  He offers unconventional ways to handicap as a way of uncovering hidden value, and in KINKY HANDICAPPING he offers ways to use pedigree handicapping, company lines, and other contrarian methods to beat the speed, pace, and class handicappers at their own game." - Brad Free, Writer and Handicapper for Daily Racing Form

From a TVG Reviewer...

"Kinky Handicapping by Mark Cramer — since picking up this gem last year, I’ve read it at least three times — every time something new is revealed.

It’s pretty expensive, I got it ‘cheap’ on eBay ($264). It is worth every penny you pay — trust me. Try to at least borrow it from a friend if you cannot afford the price!"

From a Player...

Read what Henry Dwight, of Hollywood, Florida, has to say about Kinky Handicapping:

"I purchased ‘Kinky’ when it first came out, several years ago.

I began reading it the evening I received it and became so excited by Mark’s advice and angles that I stayed up till 3 a.m. to finish the book and begin testing the angle on back Racing Forms. The results were sensational and I couldn’t wait to actually get out to the racetrack and put the angles into action.

Well, I’ve been a ‘Kinky’ Handicapper ever since. Every approach offered in the book makes money at the racetrack. I can proudly say that thanks to Mark, I have been in the black, often well into the black, every year since!"

And That's Not All!

Many, many handicappers report that the methodology in Kinky Handicapping is what enabled them to 'turn the corner' and start profiting steadily from this game. Mark’s Kinky Handicapping is so much in demand simply because Mark’s advice and angles contained in the book show you how to win, and how to win consistently and steadily at the racetrack.


Where NOT to Get Mark's Book

E-Bay and Why? Because if you were lucky enough to find Mark Cramer’s out-of-print classic Kinky Handicapping , you'll likely  to discover that this masterpiece sells for $239 to $399 on these sites! No joke: a current  (March 2012) offered 3 used copies for $329 each.

How About a NEW, UPDATED Copy for Far Less?

RPM  doesn’t have any used copies. All of the limited edition Kinky Handicapping books they're offering you are NEW — expertly printed and bound!! And they include
Mark’s New UPDATE!! And the price is only about 1/3 of the ‘low-end’ price you’ll find on the Internet.

limited collectors edition includes inserts that contain even more up-to-date approaches to racing.

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