Beyer Secrets
by Dan Pope

A Handicapping Genius Reveals His Secrets

What secrets? 59 pages of powerful Beyer Speed Figures secrets!

The Phillips Racing Newsletter ranked Beyer Secrets as #3 on the Top Ten List in 2006, with a high "8" rating!


Introducing Beyer Secrets

Good day. I’m Dan, owner of  Dan Pope Enterprises, and I am extremely proud to announce that I have obtained the marketing rights to possibly the greatest selection development ever conceived. I purchased it early in 2004 from a retiring professional handicapper, John H., located in Vegas. The material is Beyer Secrets. I absolutely feel this is the easiest, most unique and ultimately powerful technique ever  made available to the struggling horseplayer. I strongly, without any reservation, recommend it to all horseplayers. Get it, and become the winning player you’ve always dreamed about.

Works With or Without the Daily Racing Form 

If you don’t use the Daily Racing Form, don’t worry – John’s ideas apply equally well to the speed figures presented in all track programs which have past performance records. While I recommend the Daily Racing Form, because a bit more info is shown, using your track program data is fine. 

A Word from Beyer Secrets Creator, John H.

" With the addition of Beyer Speed Figures to the Daily Racing Form in 1992, the race fan was suddenly provided with a potentially very powerful selection factor. However you can’t blindly trust the figures to regularly point to the fastest horse in every race. To obtain the ultimate success with the figures, you must know their strengths and limitations.

My Beyer Secrets report reveals everything you need to know to become a successful high-profit Beyer figure player. Without a doubt, properly applied, the Beyer figures are the most powerful and most reliable selection tool ever conceived. Furthermore, incorporated as I suggest, they’re the easiest road to consistent daily profits you’ll ever encounter… guaranteed!"


¨ I enjoy playing the ponies… have for 20 years. But to be honest I wasn’t very good at it. I thought nobody could win consistently. I bought lots of worthless stuff and swore I’d never buy another system. But your promotion piece sounded so logical and sincere, I decided to take a chance. It was the smartest thing I’ve done in twenty years. After reading your easy to understand material, I made $200 the first day at Belmont. John’s secret handling of the Beyer speed figures is nothing short of fantastic. Dan, you can use this letter if you want.     Mary, NY

You, too, may get similar results. Come join these thrilled users and mail in your order today. It will be the smartest decision you’ve ever made…guaranteed. In just a few days you’ll become the successful horseplayer you’ve longed to be. I guarantee it. Maybe you’ve given up on beating the horses. Well, don’t give up yet. This is your chance to finally be a consistently big winner. Let John show you how simple it is. It’s oh-so- easy when you know John’s secrets about the Beyer figures. Start small, build your bankroll, and in just weeks the sky’s the limit.

 A Peek Into the Workings of Beyer Secrets

· Powerful Distance Switch Secret – This secret is possibly the most powerful of all of John’s  amazing secrets. It alone is well worth the cost of the complete secret package. This secret shows you how to instantly project a Beyer figure for a different distance. For example, let’s assume a horse has been running in 6 furlong races and fading in the stretch. Now, let’s say it switches to a 5 ½ furlong distance. Under this situation, the horse’s Beyer figures at 6 furlongs do not generally reflect its speed capability at the shorter distance. This secret reveals how to create a more reliable Beyer speed figure for the 5 ½ furlong distance. This is a super secret all serious players should incorporate into their handicapping process.

 Get your copy today and learn how you could have predicted this gelding’s 7.90 to 1 victory on 4/24. This will be only one of many such winning wagers you’ll uncover with this powerful secret.

 · False Favorite Secret – If you knew a low- priced favorite was a sure loser, you’d have a huge advantage and a superb wagering opportunity. Using this Beyer secret you’ll be able to eliminate the favorite and confidently dutch the race by playing two other horses to win. The result:  a winner at overlay odds. John shows you how and when to use this Beyer secret to produce a sure-win wager. Identifying a false favorite is a powerful advantage – John makes it easy and highly profitable.

 · The Amazing Growth Secret – Consider a 4 year old horse who hasn’t raced in about 6 months. In its first race back, it runs an obvious “workout race”, but shows some signs of life in the race...perhaps a little early speed or a minor middle move. Now, the question most uninformed players face is" how fast can this more mature horse run after 6 months of growth? Using John’s secret you’ll be able to accurately project a Beyer figure for its upcoming race. Result: advantage goes to you, big time. Armed with this secret you’ll know if the horse can win or if it's just a non-contender. This is info no one else will possess.

 · Fantastic Form Cycle Secret  – John shows you how to easily scrutinize  a sequential series of Beyer figures to accurately determine if a horse is improving within its current form cycle.  Of course, the same logic allows you to spot declining form animals. The power of this secret is rooted in the way John evaluates Beyer numbers. He’ll reveal to you how to uncover an improving horse even when its Beyer figures give “mixed” data. Look at the example. Armed with this secret you’ll catch an improving horse time after time and get him at very generous odds, before the uninformed player picks up on it . John even shows you how to spot hidden-improvement horses which often win at huge longshot odds. Hitting 10 to 1 or even 30 to 1 winning tickets becomes easy with this amazing secret.

This secret uncovered Marnesia’s Girl 57 to 1 longshot score of 10/7/02. It doesn’t take many such hits to build a BIG bankroll.  With Beyer Secrets, you can start uncovering such huge payoffs in only a few days.  

· Weight Influence Secret  – John shows you how weight relates to a horse’s Beyer figure using his own unique approach. The effect on a horse’s Beyer figure capability can be subtle or it can be all-important. John explains how to properly relate Beyer speed and weight.

· Class Capability Secret -- This is the ultimate Beyer secret – the one capable of raising your selection skills to the ultimate pinnacle. What is it? Think of the factor you find most elusive…the one factor players find most difficult to assess…the one factor that would make them winners…if only they understood it. If you thought of class – you’re right. Now for the first time ever, John reveals via discussions within his examples, how class and Beyer figures really relate. This is the one secret which will lead you to more winners than you’ve ever dreamed possible. This Beyer secret can make it happen.

Each secret is illustrated with examples taken from the Daily Racing Form and explained so anyone can understand them instantly. You’ll become a consistently successful player right away! In only minutes of study, you be ready to start winning like a pro.  

More Powerful Insights!

The above secrets are just a sample of the valuable information you can own. Here are more powerful insights about the Beyer figures revealed in Beyer Secrets:

  •  How to spot a Beyer top-figure horse and  whether to play it or play against it.

  •  The only correct way to average Beyer figures to create a ranking.

  • The interaction between the comment line & the Beyer figure.

  • How to spot bad Beyers which should be disregarded. 

  • How to precisely evaluate a series of mixed sprint and route Beyer figures. 

  • The many Beyer figure patterns that uncover generous longshots, including hidden improvement longshots. 

  • When to back a last-out winner with confidence.

  • How to confirm impending Beyer figure improvement by using running position analysis. 

  • The lowdown on Beyer figures in turf races. You need to know this if you play grass races.

Can You Spot Monster Exactas and Trifectas?

It’s the dream of all players to hit a 4 or 5 figure boxcar payoff ($1,000, $2,500, $15,000). Well, get ready…it may happen. How? Simply by keying Beyer figure longshot horses in the trifecta or exacta races. It won’t happen every day, but it will happen.

On average you’ll probably hit the “big one” two or three times a month. However, if your track brings in multiple tracks for simulcast wagering, then the sky’s the limit. Yes, it will happen. Why? Because you'll know John’s Beyer Secrets.

It’s Decision Time

Do you want to remain a loser or do you want to be a big winner? John’s secret material is straightforward and ultra simple to use. Winning couldn’t be easier. Make the smart decision and join the many successful Beyer Secret users. It’s your choice...don’t miss your chance. You won’t be sorry. I promise!

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