All About Maidens
How to Play Maiden Races for Big Profit
by Dan Pope

"We usually think highly of Mr. Pope's informative handicapping books, and this one is certainly no exception to that. As you can see, it has loads of useful stuff to 'chew on' and should be of help to both novice and experienced horseplayers...our final rating for All About Maidens is a strong 8, so consider adding it to your turf library." --- Phillips Racing Newsletter, November 2006

Read what Dan Pope says about All About Maidens:

 Now You Can BEAT So-called 'Tough' Maiden Races!

Many players avoid playing maiden races thinking they’re too difficult to handicap. Some are, but many are not. In fact, maiden races often present some very lucrative wagering opportunities. The information I present in this  report will reveal how to uncover those rewarding betting opportunities. No longer will you consider the maiden affairs unplayable or unbeatable. You can beat them! I guarantee it.

You Can Uncover Maiden Mysteries!

Without a doubt, my report is the most comprehensive work on playing maidens ever written. That was my goal when I began my research and writing. Before I was done, I had compiled about 115 pages completely devoted to playing all type of maiden contests. Within its pages, you’ll find many profitable ways to beat the maiden affairs. A total of 34 case study  races are examined in great detail, using easy-to-understand language. All case studies are from past performance records from all over the country.

Make Maiden Races Your Favorites!

If you’ve avoided playing maiden races,  you won’t after reading my insightful  report. Maiden races will become a source of delight and consistent profit day after day! This extraordinary work is the pinnacle of the art of maiden horse selection. Besides being exceptional, it’s also very fairly priced, so everyone can reap the profits it makes possible. 

What About Class?

One topic I address extensively is the class factor. As you probably know, the class factor in maiden contests can be difficult to assess accurately. Similarly, so can a class drop or a class hike. Within the examples (the case studies) in the report, I explain the devaluated class drop, which is a negative class drop, and the needed class drop, which is a logical move to the proper class. Once you learn the difference, your selection capability will improve greatly. 

In addition, several examples from recent past performances reveal the most powerful speed figure selection technique ever conceived -- the growth projection technique. Learn to use it and it will reward you with many winners at great prices, and occasionally some huge longshots. This amazing technique alone is worth the cost of the report. It scores for me at a 40% rate with an average payoff of around $13.00.

After get your copy of my report, I would love to hear your comments.

A Look Inside All About Maidens

Here are several excerpts from some of the case studies presented in my report. Read them and you’ll get a feel for the powerful information you'll learn when you get your copy.  

Distorted Groom – This horse won its next race in a state-bred MSW race paying $53.60 to win and topping a $551 exacta and a $1693.60 trifecta. Your copy of All About Maidens will reveal the secret that uncovered this winner. It'll be a priceless addition to your longshot selection arsenal. It’s a must-have item. Order today and in only a few days you’ll begin catching big prices like this every day!


Tontine Too – This horse won its career debut outing paying a monster price of  $95.00 to win and topping a $571 exacta and a $4252.60 trifecta. One simple factor revealed his winning potential. This under-rated selection factor is revealed to you in Case study #7 of my report. You’ve got to know about it!

Erie Canal and Beam Queen – On 4/29/06 at Churchill Downs these two horses were the 1st and 2nd favorites. The general public believed they were about equal betting Erie Canal to 2.00 to 1 and Beam Queen to 2.40 to 1. The public was dead wrong! Erie Canal was by far the superior horse. Case study #20 of my report reveals why.

Tri Some Pie – This maiden won its next race at 8.80 to 1, while moving significantly up in class. Most players obviously discounted his chances due to the class jump. My eye-opening discussion, as part of Case study #30, discloses why he was a super bet, even at nearly 9 to 1.


Parade Girl – This horse won its next outing at 19.60 to 1. The favorite in this race had a 63 speed figure in her last race. To most players, she (the favorite) would appear to be much faster than Parade Girl. But in reality, Parade Girl actually was the faster horse. My unique speed evaluation technique revealed why. She was what I call a hidden-speed horse – a horse faster than her paper numbers indicate. The technique I used to uncover her true speed capability is detail in Case study #31. This is a must-read study.

Endless Power – Trying to evaluate horses switching to a sprint after running only in route races can be a perplexing challenge. My discussion of Endless Power in Case study #33 cleverly shows you how to properly handle is situation. There’s a little math involved, so if you're mathematically inclined, you'll love it.

Something for Every Type of Bettor

This is just a small sampling of what awaits you. As you’ll discover, I address all types of maidens – favorites, false favorites, first time starters, class droppers, class-jumpers, mid-odds goodies, terrific longshots, etc. My report contains something for all players – the beginner, the seasoned player, the spot play enthusiast, the favorites player, speed handicappers, class handicappers, the turf race player, the breeding-is-important player, and the longshot player. It’s all in the report. And with All About Maidens, you can use either the Daily Racing Form or the track program to handicap the races!

There’s lots of powerful, amazing, stuff in this report. You might say, I’ve revealed a lifetime worth of my maiden secrets.  Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed, so you risk nothing.

And That's Not All! 

Seven super maiden related spot play methods are included absolutely free with each order. These are the very best maiden methods I know. Here's a sneak preview of them:

  • Maiden Special Weight Droppers – This play deals with playing maiden claiming races. It’s very simple, yet can hit many nice priced horses. Included is a section about how to wager on the qualified selections. It’s a 100% mechanical play.

  • The Well-Beaten Maiden – This play reveals when a well-beaten horse deserves your backing. I would guess most people have never thought about the idea behind this play. It hits horses ranging from 3 to 1 through 25 to 1.  

  • The Key Horse – This play uses an often overlooked handicapping factor. It’s easy to spot and simple to apply, yet is quite profitable. I'll bet you've probably never thought about using this unique factor to uncover a “live” quality horse. 

  • The Well-Connected Horse – This play deals with horses having superior connections making their 1st or 2nd start.   

  • The Maiden Sure Thing – This play selects deserving favorites at a 60% clip. It’s long-term profit potential is unlimited.

  • The Age Advantage method – Sometimes, age can be the most important handicapping factor. This spot play incorporates this idea. 

  • The OTB horse – This powerful approach can hit some monster payoffs. When you get your copy of All About Maidens, you’ll discover just how amazingly easy it is to cash those huge tickets!

This collection of seven super maiden spot plays is the best ever developed and a must for all serious horseplayers. The collection is yours FREE when you buy All About Maidens.  This collection would cost $40.00 if purchased separately.

MORE Free Bonuses!

  • Also included is my Sprint Time Conversion Chart, which allows you to compare sprint times of different distances from 5 furlongs through 7 furlongs. I prefer to use speed figures, but I realize some players do compare actual times. If that’s you, this chart will be very helpful.  

  • If you use the Daily Racing Form variant, I’ve included my Variant Adjustment Chart, which is capable of improving the published figure up to 7 full points! If you presently use the DRF variant in any of your selection methods, then you need this chart, because it will greatly enhance your method and increase your win %.

  • My personal Beyer Par Figure Chart – Also included is my personally developed chart which lists typical Beyer Speed Figure pars for sprints and routes. Pars are given separately for 3 year olds and for 4 & up. This chart enables speed handicappers to spot a future superstar horse before the general public realizes its potential.

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